All Lactation Cookie Company cookies are homemade in Victoria, and made fresh to order twice a week.

There are many reasons for a nursing mum’s milk supply to vary and it is best to consult your doctor in the first instance if you are concerned.

There are many galactagogues (substances that improve milk supply in breastfeeding women), both natural and prescription in nature. The Lactation Cookie Company’s cookies have three key ingredients that are well known galactagogues; oats, flaxseed and brewer’s yeast. We have combined these with other tasty and nutritious tweaks to deliver nursing mums some tasty and helpful treats.

I can confirm these cookies are delicious and also boost supply. Thank you …” Simone, mother of Marlowe, Highett.

We recommend nursing mums eat 1-2 cookies late afternoon when milk supply is generally known to waver. Our family can also report that grown men and little boys enjoy these cookies too!

We hope these cookies are as useful to you and your family as they have been to ours.​

The Lactation Cookie Company is registered with Bayside City Council, the public and environmental health service provider for Bayside, Victoria.