"Thank you Lucy for such amazing service and product! After battling a fever for several days my supply took a huge dip and was struggling feeding my 9 week old bub. Bikkies were delivered super quick tasted fantastic and within a couple of days my supply was up and I was able to pump in between feeds! I am very grateful for your help. And amazed with your service! xx" Kathryn, Murrumbeena, Victoria.

"I loved the cookies! So delicious! Just the right amount of white choc chips. They were a wonderful treat in the afternoons when I'm really starting to feel exhausted. I definitely had an increase in milk on the days that I ate one of the cookies. I loved the fast delivery." Claire, Humevale, Victoria. 

​"...thank you so much for the cookies i have to say i definitely noticed a difference in the amount of milk i was getting when i was expressing, which was a huge benefit. And my 3 month old daughter has been satisfied after all her feeds so i can't ask for much more than that! Keep up the great work you are doing, businesses like yours are an absolute asset to us breastfeeding mums! Oh and the cookies were delicious, the only way i could keep my husband away from them is by making him think he'd start lactating after eating one haha, funny thing is he actually believed me πŸ˜‰ thanks so much again" @becmisiti, Epping Victoria.

β€œLactation Cookie Company cookies are delicious and very effective at boosting milk supply. Within a couple of days I noticed a definite increase in my supply. Having tried other products on the market, I recommend the cookies of this local small business which are also great value and home delivered within Bayside. Thank you Lactation Cookie Company for helping me achieve my goal of exclusively breastfeeding my baby.” Radhika, mother of Zoe, Brighton East, Victoria.

​"They are fantastic so far... delicious too! They have been great. I am back to feeling really full between feeds like the early weeks." Emily, Campbelltown, South Australia.

"Thank you Lucy for such amazing service and product! After battling a fever for several days my supply took a huge dip and was struggling feeding my 9 week old bub. Bikkies were delivered super quick tasted fantastic and within a couple of days my supply was up and I was able to pump in between feeds! I am very grateful for your help. And amazed with your service! xx" Kathryn, Oakleigh South, Victoria.

"My Bub is three months old and I've been dealing with the challenges of him being underweight and trying to build up my milk supply following illness. I've tried other lactation cookies but these are the best - the texture, softness and taste are particularly great!.  Thankyou!" Maree, Edithvale, Victoria.

"Cacao - I really enjoyed these. Yum. They tasted great and I loved the texture of the cacao nibs." Simone, mother of Marlowe, Highett, Victoria.

"They were so tasty and supply was definitely boosted". @justacoupleofbums, Pottsville, NSW.

"Thanks for the cookies that were great and definitely helped to increase supply." Karen, Box Hill, Victoria. 

"I snuck a taste of the cookies before we sent them to some breastfeeding clients and they were really yummy! I have to say I found the lactation cookie company cookies looked appealing, and tasted yummy! Big, heavy, moist, and full of chunks. Yum!" Jen @yummymummypregnancydayspa, Perth, WA.​

β€œThank you...  I certainly found them full of flavour and certainly desirable to eat. I liked the White choc and cranberry best, mainly because I love chocolate but I also find that I need a good sugar (chocolate) hit by the afternoon given how sleep deprived I can be and the fact that breast feeding in itself is exhausting. I certainly enjoyed the others too though. I feel they have improved milk supply as I have had a few issues with supply this week and today after consuming three days’ worth of cookies, I feel full- even after feeding. Next time I would probably only have one cookie a day.” Emma, mother of Liam, Hampton East, Victoria.

"I just wanted to give you the positive feedback from my recent trial of your almond and apricot lactation cookies. I was really interested to try lactation cookies as I had never hear of them before. I asked a girlfriend, who is also breastfeeding, over to try them with me. She said that she had tried making lactation cookies with her first child because of low supply however they tasted awful and she has spent a lot of money on the ingredients. She was very impressed with how yummy your cookies were and after just 2 cookies said that her milk was overflowing that night. I didn't think I had low supply however after taking the cookies for a few days I noticed my bub who was normally fussy in the afternoons (especially leading up to crazy hour in the evenings) had been solidly sleeping through so I could easily make dinner and eat it while it was hot! I was then out and about for a few days and missed my afternoon cookies and noticed he went back to being fussy in the afternoons. I think all breastfeeding Mums need your cookies!I hope to give your cookies as gifts now when friends have a baby rather than flowers or chocolate." Eliza. mum of three, Thornlands, QLD.

β€œI can confirm these cookies are delicious and also boost supply. Thank you …” Simone, mother of Marlowe, Highett, Victoria.​

​"Perfection!" Alecia, mother of Evie, Brighton, Victoria.

"They were lovely. I enjoyed the cranberry ones...They tasted great and helped with my supply." @magsalicious_, Gulliver, QLD.

"The Lactation Cookie Company cookies are not only delicious, but effective. I noticed an almost immediate difference in my milk supply after eating only two cookies. My little one has been feeding very happily since I started enjoying these cookies for afternoon tea each day. I will definitely be recommending these tasty treats to other breastfeeding mummas." Carissa, mother of Asher, Patterson Lakes, Victoria.

​"Cranberry and White Chocolate - these were amazing! So good. [My partner] took a bite and loved them too! They were loaded with flavour." ​ Simone, mother of Marlowe, Highett, Victoria.

"I was lucky enough to taste these lactation cookies. The White choc and cranberry were definitely a favourite of mine. I could have devoured the whole pack. I certainly noticed a difference in my supply on the days that I had cookies and didn't. They were a great milk booster!" @mumma_love_au

​"Dark chocolate and coconut was my favourite... they are very filling and easy to eat for lunch or a snack - busy mums often don't have time to make lunch so this worked a treat." Jade, mother of Flynn, Hampton, Victoria.

"Cranberry and White chocolate cookies are of a nice appearance, nice texture, sufficiently sweet for a seet fix if needed, a good size and all round very yum!" Donna, mother of Harrison, Murrumbeena, Victoria.

"...I bought some of your cookies two days ago, and they came in today. I had one in the morning and one in the evening and my boobs have been almost full all day! At this tim,e of night (10.30pm) I struggle to make 90 mls total, and right now ​ just got nearly 100mls from ONE BOOB...thank you so much!!!I'm so happy they worked." Naomi, Bayswater, Victoria.

"Super tasty and nutritious, stopped me from reaching for a sugary treat in the afternoon and left me feeling satisfied." Simone, mother of Marlowe, Highett, Victoria.

​"I enjoyed [the cookies] immensely. All flavours were really nice but my favourite was the cranberry and white chocolate. I was pleased to know all of the ingredients were natural which meant that I could give my 21 month old daughter a taste without concern. My milk supply is currently quite good but I do notice a reduction in the afternoon/evening...but after eating the cookies I felt like my daughter fed a bit longer in her evening feed." ​Danielle, mother of Sarsha, South Kingsville, Victoria.

"As far as my supply goes I noticed I was more β€˜full’ after eating one batch.  Given that my son is starting to wean himself off, that increase was definitely noticeable.  I would definitely be eating these cookies for baby number two should I have any issues with my supply." Elena, mother of William, Clarinda, Victoria.

"Thank you for your lovely lactation cookies, a great afternoon snack that taste great, I loved the cranberry and white chocolate best. After 3 days of eating them, I have noticed an increase in my milk supply.
So you can't really ask for more it tastes good and does the job."
Danielle, mother of Aaron, Cheltenham, Victoria.

​"tasted home made and fresh...helped boost my supply and tasted great...packed full of flavour and goodness... great afternoon pick-me-up and boost for my milk supply...great to find a local bayside supplier...I had to hide them from my partner..." Simone, mother of Marlowe, Highett, Victoria.

"Thank you so much for the delicious lactation cookies...not only were they a lovely homemade treat at a time that a new mum can't get into the kitchen to make anything, but they worked "a treat" too. After 2 days of cookies for afternoon tea my 16 week old baby starting sleeping through the night!!! I would definitely recommend anyone to try your cookies, and the delivery service made it so easy too." Charlotte, mother of Bonnie, Murrumbeena, Victoria.

"Delicious." ​Priya, mother of Satya, Essendon, Victoria.

​​"It's always a good morning when your @lactation_cookie_company order arrives...This actually is the best gift you can give a new Mumma... Forget the lasagne (well you can add that in too) but these lactation cookies are a well received gift even if you have a supply that can feed Australia." @themidwifemumma

"... just found you today in the little hen. Bought white choc and cranberry, yum! Lifesaver. I've got a little 3 1/2 month old at home and he is getting more hungry by the day. Really appreciate what you a doing for mummy's just like me. Keep up the good work." Lauren, mother of Jett, Balaclava, Victoria.

"The Lactation Cookie Company has been supporting MumLife Australia's BEYOND BIRTH events since we launched earlier this year, and we couldn't be more grateful for their support. Our guests are always so excited to receive and try their very first Lactation Cookie Company cookie. We always get so many comments about how delicious they taste (and we couldn't agree more!). Thank you Lactation Cookie Company for helping boost the milk supply of busy new mums!​" Ani Tuna, Founder, MumLife Australia